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Under the Bridge Radio (formerly Radio Free Brighton) is an entirely volunteer-run community internet radio station.


We broadcast from 10am-10pm daily and repeat shows overnight. We also host shows on Mixcloud and you can access them offline as podcasts. The radio station gives our community the opportunity to share the wealth of specialist knowledge, talent and life experience of issues both local and global with each other and with those who need to hear it.


The station also acts as a forum for all ages. We work with:

  • Schools

  • Work experience programmes

  • Universities

  • Jobcentre

  • Prince's Trust

  • Disability groups

  • Homeless groups

  • Local activists

  • The elderly

  • Foreign language speakers

  • Local academics, including science, medicine and theatre specialists.


Having the radio booth in the studio gives us a great opportunity to provide hands on experience for the older children, be it with writing their own songs and shows, working together to create a project or even being broadcast over the radio themselves. At the same time they are encouraged to engage with a range of new topics and issues, and get to work with experts in a number of fields.


  • Eco issues, human rights and in-depth news (both local and global)

  • Sci­ence, his­tory, arts and poetry

  • Stor­ies, sessions and week­end live per­form­ances by Brighton musicians.


Anyone can get involved with presenting and researching for shows, or working behind the scenes. Under the Bridge Radio is financed entirely by its rehearsal and recording facilities, which also provide a wealth of local musical talent for our programmes.  


Everybody wins. Hit the contact button at the top and get involved. Also, click on the link below to check out our latest radio shows.






under the bridge radio

Local rappers making radio shows!
Pre-recording a radio show
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