band mentoring



Alongside the wide range of community events and activities taking place at Under the Bridge Studios, we are also a professional rehearsing and recording studio with a wide range of local bands using our facilities. Many of our bands have been with us for years, and are highly acclaimed on the local scene. They are always happy to share their knowledge with people just starting out. Whether you’ve formed a new band and want some advice, are just starting out with an instrument and need some more experience, or simply have questions, then please let us know and we can get you in touch with a band suited to your needs.


Young musicians benefit hugely from mentoring and outside attention to their composition, song-writing and individual playing skills. Working together is an important learning curve, not only for development of their musicianship but also for life in general - learning to respect and take on board opinions and input. Active listening and the encouragement of each other's skills - both of which lead to the development of a band's sound - are integral to the act of collaborative music making, and will draw upon the influences each member brings to the creative process. It helps to have a clear direction and these are some of the steps we recommend:


  • Book a weekly rehearsal. (2hrs minimum)

  • Use your rehearsal time effectively. Agree on a target for each week (e.g. writing, sound, set rehearsal or breakdown of parts.)

  • Use individual practice time to perfect your own parts.

  • Never be afraid to ask advice from peers and mentors.

  • Have achievable goals - and go after them (e.g. book local gigs, record demos, create publicity or get local radio play.)

Under the Bridge Studios offers several unique advantages to new bands:


  • Rehearsal: We are able to offer rehearsal space at reduced prices, with fully sound proofed rooms containing a wide range of back line; Marshall, Peavey, Fender, Hartke, Rocktron, Ashton, and H&H amps, Pearl and Cabria drumkits, snares, cymbals, foot pedals, and a wide range of microphones.

  • Recording: Budding musicians can be supported throughout their recording sessions, and taught how to make the most effective use of studio time. Courses and workshops are regularly available to learn sound engineering, and there are opportunities to develop these skills at festivals and benefit gigs.

  • Input from local musicians: Experienced musicians are on hand to assist newcomers with handling equipment, selecting appropriate amps and using microphones. Advice and encouragement are happily given and sessions with a mentor – usually a musician active in the Brighton music scene in the kid’s chosen style of music or an experienced music teacher - can be booked at fairly short notice. Occasionally, we present workshops with music producers and sound engineers of international repute and several decades in the industry, who lend their support and skills to our work and to startup bands.

Just come into the studio and speak to one of our dedicated volunteers (here from 9am-midnight. seven days a week) or phone us on 01273 601804.