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Support Under the Bridge!.png

Support our crowdfunder by clicking the buttons.

Join us live, Sat 29th Aug, 5-7pm for our fundraiser concert.

Help us share the fundraiser to friends and family.

Under the Bridge Studios needs your help!

For three decades Under the Bridge has brought the community together in music making. Children have had classes here from baby and toddler music groups to afterschool clubs; music theory clubs; individual piano, guitar and drum lessons; band mentoring and music exams--whether or not they could pay.


Volunteering and work experience have helped many people find their path and their feet. Students have gone on to top music schools, won scholarships and become Heads of Music. Families have been supported in difficult situations.


We rely on bands paying to rehearse in our teaching rooms to cover costs and enable us to offer the free classes and community services. Now, with next to none rehearsing due to the Coronavirus the income has dwindled, threatening the future of Under the Bridge and the lively community of families and music makers it supports. We're thus compelled to fund raise to see us through this difficult moment.

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