Our Teachers

 Under the Bridge offers expert one-on-one tuition for:

  • Piano, classical and contemporary

  • Singing, classical and contemporary

  • Guitar (acoustic and electric) and ukulele,

  • Drums

  • Saxophone and clarinet

  • Trumpet.

  • Violin

Here's your chance to meet our teaching team and choose the direction in which you want your musical odyssey to start off.

Jackie Chase : Piano

Jackie Chase has been teaching piano for 33 years having studied in Edinburgh and London.

Alongside her award winning baby and toddler music classes, she has taught piano to all ages individually and in schools.

She also enjoys teaching adult beginners, so any young mums who would like to start exploring the keys should get in touch via our contact page, or pop in and have a chat.

Bjorn Dahlberg: Piano, clarinet and saxophone

Björn McAteer Dahlberg is a Swedish multi instrumentalist who has thoroughly enjoyed making Brighton his home since 2009.

He acquired a Masters in Education at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 2004.

He has taught in several schools in Sweden and his private students range between the ages of 9 and 75 - a pretty huge span! 

Bjorn has played sell-out shows on stages like the Hollywood Bowl, The Royal Albert Hall, O2 World Berlin.

He is also a sought after session musician and has recorded with artists such as Mick Jagger, Arthur Brown, The Moulettes, The Swing Ninjas and more. 

Tom Holmes: Guitar 

                                                          Tom has a BA(Hons) from the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

He has played for twelve years and boasts five years of teaching experience.

He is patient with beginners and thorough with advanced players, and takes a down-to-earth approach to tutoring, preferring to structure everything around the student’s needs, rather than a “copy and paste” approach using a predefined syllabus.

Debbie Ward: Singing

Debbie brings more than 20 years qualification and experience of teaching singing to all ages and styles (from opera to metal.) 

She performs and teaches both here and in London and also runs our Mum’s Choir - so let us know if you would like to get involved!

Tommy Peach: Trumpet

Tommy is a professional musician and has been teaching trumpet and other brass instruments for seven years.

His experience in performance includes artists such as Hobo Johnson, Vels Trio, Little Mix, The House and Garage orchestra to name a few.

Harry Abel: Violin and Da Capo Music Assistant

Harry is a violin teacher and performer based in Brighton.

He began teaching violin at university where he received an MA in Music & Sonic media.

Playing regularly with Gypsy Swing ensemble Beggar's Belief as well as acting as deputy violinist for a number of local bands, Harry draws on a variety of folk styles in addition to his classical training.

Henry Tomlinson: Guitar and Piano

Henry Tomlinson became an accomplished pianist and classical guitar player in his teens.

Following a BA Hons degree at Brighton Institute of Modern Music he joined the team at Under the Bridge teaching acoustic and electric guitar and jazz piano.

He has a remarkable skill with composition and improvisation which inspires his students, particularly those progressing in contemporary music.

He also plays keys in the much acclaimed band Town of Cats.

Celina Tickner: Music Theory, Clarinet, Piano, Recorder

Celina Tickner is an accomplished clarinet teacher.

With her Masters in music theory and analysis she brings a high standard of music theory teaching to the team taking the advanced students through their ABRSM grades 5-8 and beyond.

Her enthusiasm and exemplary teaching skills have aided some children who find music theory a challenge to achieve great success.

Oliver Tcherno: Drums

Oliver is a highly experienced professional musician with a degree in music performance, specialising in drums. His passion for performance has driven him to play at events across the UK and Europe; including concerts, theatre shows, festivals, weddings, symphonies and many more.

He like's to strike a balance between fun and instructive in his methods in order to achieve the best results and to cater to his student's needs. 

Nicola Bates: Violin

​Nicola studied her  ​BA Honours​  and Advanced Continuing Education at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama​.

​​She achieved​ Endorsements in String Teaching and Applied Community Music​ ​​and won the ​John McInnulty Prize for Orchestral String Playing​. ​​

Alongside conduction the Brighton and Hove Junior Youth Orchestra and a wide range of professional playing engagements she teaches violin and viola with us.​

Amy Low: Piano and Music Theory Club

Amy Low is well known to Under the Bridge parents for her wonderful performances of Chopin and Beethoven at our in house concerts over the last few years.

Having a achieved her ARSM diploma from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, she is teaching piano and steering our little ones through their grades 1-5 in music theory.

Niamh Lane: Violin and Community Ensemble


                                                                                    Niamh has a passion for teaching beginners on violin.

                                                                    She is a strong believer in community music making                                                                                            too, which has led her to instigate our community ensemble.

                                                                    So if you haven't tooted your toot or scratched your violin for a                                                                        while then here is the place to start playing again. Mondays 6.30                                                                      - 7.30pm.






We ensure that we only work with dynamic teachers who live and breathe music, and at the same time teachers who are warm, receptive and eager to adapt their styles to match your exciting learning curve.


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