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24hrs cancellation for all services and teaching or full fee is due

lessons for


We offer individual classes in:

Classical and contemporary piano

Piano / Keyboards






Guitar/Classical Guitar


Band mentoring

Group workshops and dedicated Mentors to guide bands in working as a group, composition and song-writing.


Our Teachers

Under the Bridge only works with dynamic teachers who live and breathe music, who are warm, receptive and adapt their style to match their student's exciting learning curve.

Our qualified teachers are selected for their professional teaching skills, enthusiasm and experience. We prioritise developing long term relationships with music and help students to become highly proficient performers and musical minds (whilst squeezing in lots of fun to boot!).

Exam students are given special support in aural training sight reading and music theory to enhance their confidence and ability. We also help students build far beyond exams, teaching music from many cultures, traditions and genres. 


The Under the Bridge community

We are a Brighton based, incorporated voluntary organisation of active musicians committed to sharing the fun and challenges of music making with all ages and abilities.

We hold brass and string ensembles and have an in house community ensemble of all ages and abilities who meet weekly. We perform at a whole heap of gigs, community events, concerts and festivals and take pride in training young adults in stage rigging and sound engineering.

Our rates are variable - The standard rate is £32 / hour, £20 / 30 mins or £12 / 20 mins (for under 7s). We work hard to ensure that no child should ever be in a position where they cannot experience learning music because of their economic position.

Get in touch to find out more about ABRSM, discuss tuition and arrange a session or for more information on any of our activities!

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