Covid update

Dear bands, teachers and friends,

I hope you are keeping as well and strong as you can and playing lots of music at home. It has taken 33 years to get Under the Bridge to what it is today, it's benefited from the energy of many wonderful clever people whose skills and ideas shaped it to meet the changing needs and circumstances of our community. We believe that this spirit of community will help us to adjust and MOVE ON TOGETHER.


The health and wellbeing of everyone is our top priority. We've made additional changes to our policies and booking systems in order to adjust to advise from the Health and Safety Executive, and the Government as the Covid-19 situation develops.

With very much love and gratitude for your ongoing support, 

Jackie x


- Each room now has a maximum occupancy to facilitate two metre social distancing.

The entire studio has been repainted with wipeable paint, ready for stringent cleaning between users. We have removed all non-essentials and  installed wipeable drum mats and pop shields.

We are providing hand sanitiser in every room. However, we won't be offering drinks and biscuits for the foreseeable future.

- Half hour gaps between each band will allow for cleaning between bookings. We hope some will choose to practice in the daytime, to reduce pressure on evening bookings.


- Please bring your own sticks, cymbals, guitar leads and microphones.

- Please make sure you book a room with suitable capacity. The Studio will not allow more people in each room than its safe maximum.

- We will ask you to wait outside until your room has been cleaned.

- More details can be found in online bookings


Local charity sells handmade face masks

'One of our residents, a skilled seamstress who is a refugee from Iraqi Kurdistan, is making high quality masks to help minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus within the local community.

The masks have a double layer of cotton, with space for a disposable filter (such as a paper towel). The top edge has a mouldable wire, to help fit the mask more closely to your face. They are hand washable, so they can be cleaned and reused when you next need to go out for shopping or essential tasks. 

Our volunteers can deliver your mask(s) to you by hand (contact free), in the Brighton & Hove area. Outside Brighton, we will send them by post.

Please donate what you can afford - suggested donation: £6 per mask or £10 for two. Please add £2 to your donation to cover postage costs, if applicable. Funds will be used to cover the cost of materials, pay the maker for her time and support our charitable work of providing homes for refugees and migrants who would otherwise be homeless.'

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The Magic Storybox charity

Helping parents with gifts for their children

2020 has been a strange year in so many ways – and we know it’s been incredibly hard for some families. Hove-based The Magic Storybox is all about magic – and so we’d like to grant some of your wishes this Christmas.If you’re a parent or carer and unable to afford gifts for your children this Christmas, we’re here to help – casting a spell and sending out festive book parcels from ‘Santa’. We won’t tell if you won’t…


All recipients need to do is fill in our form with a few details – kept completely confidential, of course. Just tell us the ages of your little ones, and why you’d like our Elves to send them a Christmas book and some treats – and we’ll handle the rest.
Please let us know about any allergies they might have, and if you can be as specific as you can about why you’d like to request a Christmas book parcel from Santa, we’d really appreciate it. We won’t be able to send a gift to everyone, unfortunately – but we will do our best to send as many as we can!


How generous of you, we’d love that. And yes, you can! 

You can make a donation to help out here, so we can send out more Christmas packages!

You can also share our instagram facebook twitter or blog posts to help raise awareness, so we can reach as many people as possible!

Under the Bridge fundraiser

Piano students put on a live streamed concert as part of the Just Giving Under the Bridge fundraiser. You can still donate and watch the concert!

Song for Sacha…/somewhere-along-the-road
Please buy this track to raise funds for baby Sacha's treatment. More info on Sacha at
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Which class for my child?
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