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Hi everyone,


We're getting in touch to let you know about a community ensemble that we're setting up at Under the Bridge Studios. We think it is important that the experience of being in an ensemble is available to everyone who wants it.


Ensemble work is great for musicians at any level to develop their reading and performance skills as well as hopefully being lots of fun.

As such, the ensemble is open to musicians of all abilities, adults only..


We are International Baccalaureate students who are starting the ensemble as part of this qualification. We have chosen this project, which we are interested in, as we believe it will benefit the community by making ensemble available to people who would otherwise not get the chance to try one out.


We aim to hold a small performance at Under the Bridge at which we hope to raise money for the Sacha fund. This will be after around six weeks of rehearsal, and we can then discuss whether people are interested in continuing afterwards.


Rehearsals will start March 13th 7:00pm - 8:00pm and continue on Wednesdays.


Let us know if you're signing up with your email address on the list at Under the Bridge desk or messaging us via under the bridge, facebookpage, or emailing us at


Many thanks,

Niamh, Nancy, Ella and Aaron


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