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Alongside a cup of tea and a smile, we can also offer you: 

  • Three large and two small well-equipped rehearsal rooms

  • Music lessons on a wide range of instruments

  • Award winning children's music classes

  • The chance to broadcast on our very own Under the Bridge Radio


The equipment we offer to support your rehearsal at Under the Bridge 

studios includes however many microphones you need, a full drum kit

with borrowable cymbals (first come first serve), a bass amp, at least two guitar amps, a keyboard and a quality tuned piano.



We pride ourselves on providing Brighton's musical and creative core with a friendly, open atmosphere. We offer maximum flexibility to support our bands with that crucial extra rehearsal time before gigs, and can accommodate the recording of demos at short notice - and have professionals teach you how to do it yourself. We are involved in a whole host of local gigs and festivals, and you're more than welcome to get involved.


We also straddle the airwaves on our in-house radio station Under The Bridge Radio, where you can be heard on a community radio project listened to across the globe. The warm, welcoming staff at Under the Bridge are all active musicians/teachers in Brighton and Hove, and there are always opportunities for bands to get involved in community music activites. Click here to find out more the instruments you can master with our in-house teachers.



£6/h for an individual.
£12/h for a band before 6pm | £16 for a band after 6pm
£16/h for a band during the evening and weekends or £14 when block booked (min 4 weeks)

£6/h for a rehearsal on one of our quality, tuned pianos.
Prices include: full backline (drumkit, amps, microphones, PA) tea, coffee and limitless patience for a fluffed drum solo. For a more detailed description of our equipment, click here

If you need a recording of your practice to work from, let us know and we can arrange this for you.



£26/hour | £200 for a full day of recording (10am - 7pm) 
Prices include: recording equipment and an experienced and flexible sound engineer. We offer mixing and mastering for £13/hour extra.



£250 | Monday to Friday, 2pm-6pm

Workshop with experienced musicians. Develop your songwriting and get a full recording done with our in-house engineer - then take a CD home and show it off to the nearest person.


Under the Bridge Studios is open 9am - 12.30am, six days a week (closed on Sunday).

Parking is provided and free with our permits (first come, first served).

Free tea and coffee


We do try to be as accommodating as possible, but please note that there is a 24-hour cancellation policy on any booking you make with us.
Some concessions and FREE places available on request

Watch these videos to give you a little taste of what we're all about.

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